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Ground Protection Mats

Temporary road and ground protection mats

These rugged ground protection mats make the going easy when you need to move heavy vehicles and equipment over soft or muddy ground. Available in 3 variations to suit all ground protection needs.

From £85

For more information about ground protection mats for sale (or hire) simply call us on +44 (0)113 267 6000 to discuss your needs.

Hire temporary roadway panels

Heavy Duty

Heavy duty ground protection mats

Our heavy duty panels can cope with the most challenging situations. Taking loads up to 120te they are ideal for heavy-lift installations, large vehicles and all those big jobs.

Standard Duty

Standard duty ground protection mats

Standard duty panels easily cope with trucks, vans and construction equipment. With a load capacity up to 80te these boards make an ideal surface for equipment and material storage areas on construction and civil engineering sites.

Light Duty

Light duty ground protection mats

For more general purpose situations our light duty boards are perfect. Great for light vehicle and pedestrian walkways, marquee flooring and general protection on grass and muddy areas. Call for more details.

Note: all stated weight limits are subject to ground conditions.

Buy Back

Our 'buy back' option offers the best of the both worlds. You buy the mats you need for your project and when you are finished with them, you sell them back to us. It's an advantage to have a fixed purchase price, with the certainty that if the project overruns and you need the mats for longer than initially anticipated, there will be no additional costs linked to hiring the mats for longer. If you are moving on to a new project that also requires the use of mats, you have them available.

When you have no further use for mats, you can sell them back to us. We would be only too pleased to discuss whether buying or hiring our mats would offer your business better value for money. Our mat buy back service gives you the certainty and peace of mind with the security of being able to sell them back to us at the end of your project and recover some of your costs.

For a buy back quotation, simply ring us on Freephone +44 (0)113 267 6000 and we will be pleased to help.

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Ideal for geotechnical operations.

Versatile And Tough

We have temporary road panels that are capable of taking loads of up to a maximum of 120 tonnes (subject to ground conditions). They are made from high density polythene so are able to withstand extremes of heat and cold. They easy to move and install by two men without the need for heavy lifting equipment.

Ground protection mats are tough and versatile enough for a huge range of applications. They are used extensively for construction, oil, gas and water well drilling, geotechnical applications, landscaping and grounds maintenance, concrete supply, excavation and trenching, caravan and leisure parks and endless other uses.

They can protect turf from damage when heavy vehicles need to cross grassed areas and prevent equipment and vehicles from losing traction or sinking into soft ground and sand.

The mats do not suffer from the problems associated with using plywood for temporary roadways. They are virtually unbreakable, are not affected by water (no absorption, warping, rotting, delaminating) so can withstand the toughest conditions.

Strong steel joiners are used to connect adjacent mats together making a secure access road or a large firm area for work, parking or storage. Steel fixing pins can be used to secure the panels in place to avoid movement or slippage.

With different tread surfaces for vehicle or pedestrian uses the panels are versatile enough for a wide range of problem areas.

For heavy vehicles and equipment:

  • Construction sites
  • Temporary access roads
  • Utility maintenance
  • Civil engineering works
  • Emergency access
  • Platforms for equipment
  • Agricultural roads
  • Event flooring and paths
  • Caravan parks
  • Military bases

For pedestrian applications:

  • Outdoor shows
  • Temporary pedestrian access paths
  • Safe walkways on construction sites
  • Maintenance walkways
  • Emergency access
  • Viewing areas
  • Special events

Environmental Protection

Today it is vitally important to protect natural ground surfaces and habitats. Use ground protection mats to create temporary roadways and pathways over sensitive ground such as peat bogs and moorland tracks.

Fire Safety And Static Electricity

If ignited the mats do not spread the flame and they can be extinguished. Being made from high density polythene, they do not promote the flow of electricity so there is no build up of static electricity when they are used.

Outline Specification

  • Material: Polythene
  • Colour: Black
  • Length: 2400mm
  • Width: 1200mm
  • Weight: up to 40kg per mat approx.
Used temporary road panels

These ground protection mats are often referred to by various names including Ground Guards and Alturnamat.

Nationwide Installation Service

Nationwide installation service

We are able to install our products anywhere in the UK. Please ask us for a quote.

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